For my english speaking visitors

I see more and more people trying to translate my articles with « google translate« . I decided to put a direct link for you in the blogroll. I know, it is not perfect but at least, you’ll find it helpful, I hope 🙂

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  1. sam kohen dit :

    I lived in Quebec for four years and now I live in Kingston.

    Perhaps one of the people interested in purchasing the Canadiens, if they fail to do so, would maybe be willing to purchase another NHL team and place it in Quebec.

    Sam Kohen
    Kingston, Ontario

  2. JeffB dit :

    Merci beaucoup!

  3. Tom Eden dit :

    Juste une question rapide. Est-ce qu’il existe quelque chose à Québec en terme de plaque ou panneau historique qui raconte l’histoire des Bulldogs? Nous avons plein de plaques partout pour toute sorte de gens dans toute sorte de sphères d’activité. Il me semble que cela serait l’fun d’avoir quelque chose pour les ‘Dogs.

    En passant, si vous cherchez quelqu’un pour vous donner un coup de main à traduire certains articles en anglais je suis prêt à vous aider.

    1. Salut Tom,

      Je t’annonce en primeur qu’il y aura une plaque pour célébrer les 100 ans de la conquête de la Coupe Stanley. Elle sera sans doute dévoiler en 2012. Merci pour ton offre, faudra voir avec le temps, j’en ai plein les bottes en ce moment (rédaction du livre). Keep in touch !

      1. Tom Eden dit :

        Cool. Emplacement? Dans le coin de l’ancien Quebec Skating Rink, j’imagine?

  4. Marilyn McDonald dit :

    i would like to know if you could help me learn more about my great grandfather. he was paddy moran.his daughter was my grandmother.she left quebec got married and moved to brooklyn ny. all of her brothes and sister also left and moved to brooklyn. her mother and father stayed behind in quebec.i just came back from quebec this week. i went hoping to find out somethig about him and my great grandmother .i could not find out anything about either one. but i found old quebec city which i fell in love with i plan on going back next year to qubebec city and than going to the hockey hall of fame.i have been on your sight i see you know where he lived i was hoping you would share this with me so iwhen i go back next yeari i will be able to finally see the house. i do not speak french but i did check out your site i guess i understand a little bit i was hoping you have information on maybe knowing some family or someone who knows someone his family. ithink if i remember correctly his wifes name was mary it possible you could send me pictures of him .i think about him all the time thats iwhy i went to quebec city.could you please me learn more about him. i would buy your book but i cant speak french..

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